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Menus Setup

To set up your menus, go to WP Dashboard: Appearance > Menus.

Main Menu

Once you’re on the Menus editing screen, create a new menu (1, 2) and press Save button. Add your pages or custom links to the menu you just created in the Menu Structure area (3).

After the menu is created, you need to assign this menu to one of the available theme locations (4).

Social Links

This is a menu where you should put custom links to your social profiles. Note that you just need to specify a link to your social page i.e. and the IG icon will be automatically recognized.

Don’t forget set a relevant location – Social Links.

Social links by design of this theme can be displayed at the header or in the footer of the site. To set the display of social icons in the header or footer, go to Customizer: Main Menu Bar and Footer Options.

Main Menu Bar

You can change the appearance of the main menu bar in the section named Main Menu Bar (1).

The red arrow in the picture (1) indicates the switch for displaying the social links menu. The pink highlight shows select options of the layout style for the main menu bar.

In the field marked 1.1 you can enter plain text or text with allowed HTML tags, for example, you can enter a link to your phone so that the visitor can click on it from his phone and to call. For example: <a href="tel:+70000000000">+7 000 000 0000</a>