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Portfolio Setup

If you want to showcase your works, then you need to install a free plugin called Portfolio Post Type.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the zip file of the plugin, head to your WordPress Dashboard and select Plugins > Add New > Upload. Add the zipped file in the field there and click Upload.

Upon successful upload, you’ll be prompted to activate the plugin. You’ll then see a new Portfolio tab in your WordPress Dashboard Menu Sidebar. Creating portfolio posts is done exactly the same as image format posts.

Portfolio Meta fields

Each portfolio post has meta fields that you may choose to use on each individual post. You can set the client, role, url, and uploads images for gallery slideshow.

Portfolio Options

You will found a Portfolio section in the Theme Customizer, go to Dashboard Menu: Appearance > Customize > Portfolio Posts.

To set Portfolio display options in the section of the front page, go to Front Page Sections panel > Portfolio Section.