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Pages and Posts

Create Page

Create a new page, go to WP Dashboard > Pages > Add New. Select a template for this page in the page attributes box.

If the Page Attributes is not shown, click on the Screen Options, see pic.

Give a Title for the page you are creating. Use an Excerpt field to create a subheader for the page. Upload an image to the Featured Image box if you want to show an image above/below the page title.

Imagery Pro comes with additional options for a page by a default template. When you create a new page, please note: additional options for this page will be available after you save the draft or publish this page.

Create Post

Create a new post, go to WP Dashboard > Posts > Add New. Select a format for this post in the Format box.

When you create a new post, then please note that different formats of a post there offer different of additional options for a post.

Additional options for this post will be available after you select Format and save the draft or publish this post. So switching the post format and saving draft (or updating) take you access other advanced post options that match the post format.